Lakeridge Fine Dining

The table is set for your next get together. Whether you are getting together with the love of your life or you have an important business meeting with … more

I proposed to my wife here! She said yes!!

Bathroom Doctor

Does your bathroom need a makeover? Call Steve today and get a fast and accurate quote. We have an excellent selection of top of the line bathroom fixtures and accessories. … more

Majestic Flowers

We provide same day delivery in the city. It only takes 5 minutes for the average order – call us today and let us know how we can help brighten up your event with the perfect selection of flowers! … more

Found a florist who cares! Thanks for taking the time...

Thanks for providing such a great service!

Youngsters Dentistry

This little guy is so excited to hear the news that his parents just scheduled his first Dentist visit! It’s so important for youngsters to start of … more

Brandon Photography

We’ve been in business for over 30 years. People love us because we love what we do. We’ll help you capture your precious memories in the finest quality images possible. … more

Smart Jewelry Den is officially my favorite website. Great deals...

Wow! What a great deal for those on a budget.

Matt’s Painting & Repair

If you are suffering from water, fire or any other kind of damage to your home, call Matt today! He’ll fix ya up! … more

Motherboard Specialist

When something goes wrong, who do you turn to? A jack of all trades? Or.. a specialist. Of course, a specialist! And that’s why you need to see us for your Motherboard issues. … more

Flowers by Betty

Betty is your friendly and talented local florist. She can put together flowers for you and any occasion. Whether it’s a simply vase or a large event, she’s got you covered! Ask about our discounts! … more

Honest Investments, Inc.

My name’s Berry. With more than 20 years experience, I’ll help you free yourself from your concerns and set up with an investment portfolio that will la … more

Beach-side Romance

Romance is in the air here at Beach-side. Bring the one you love and you’ll both be swimming with delight as you partake in our excellent entrées and the view.. the wonderful view. … more

Planetary Fitness

Join us today and get started working out with your new friends. We are all about community and helping each other achieve their fitness goals. … more

Xtreme Computer Store

Wow! What a selection. Thousands of computers, parts, equipment and accessories to choose from. Get help from our friendly and knowledgeable support today. … more

Midwest Home Construction

One of the nations leading builders specializing in green homes.  Build your new home with our green and energy efficient options – talk to an expert toda … more

Photographer’s Best Equipment

A selection of new and used photographic equipment, accessories, and darkroom supplies as well as rentals. … more

Signature Financial Services Inc.

We offer strategies and services for small businesses.  Get help from our experienced team.  Providing services since 1915. … more

Taylor’s Plumbing

24 Hour Service for those emergency needs.  Don’t panic, call us and we’ll be right there!  Ask about our discounts…  don’t worry, we always have them! … more

Community Athletic Club

Founded an in operation since 1964.  We are a premier destination for family and individuals looking to improve their health and get in shape. … more

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