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To be protected from the virus ( HEARTBLEED) the listed passwords should be changed,

Subj: Fwd: Consider changing your online passwords……

The following is from our nephew,Patrick Kingsley, who is a real technology buff. He works in Nevada for the Nevada Water company on their computers. I have never been misled by him. So this seems to be real important that is why I pass it on.  Joan

Subject: Consider changing your online passwords……

Hey everybody,

A vulnerability was discovered pertaining to secure websites.  Basically prior to patching the problem any website you logged into (email, online orders, etc) was prone to having the “server” that handles the secure log in portion dump its memory if it were compromised.  If this happened while you were accessing the website, your user ID and password could be pulled along with your “session cookie”.  This could allow potential access into your account as you.

To mitigate this, you should consider changing all your online passwords…… I know I know it sucks…. and I sound paranoid…… but let me put it to you this way……

For example, lets say you logged into a website and ordered something, and its a website you have ordered from before and you have your credit card information stored and the site was compromised during the time you logged in.  Someone has the potential to access that site using your account credentials and order things using that stored card info and ship it to themselves.

OR Yes, that may be the worst case but it could also be as simple as gaining access to your email which still sucks.

Below is a good article on the vulnerability:

What a smart Bear…You will be amazed.

Click this link:

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