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Lakeridge Fine Dining

The table is set for your next get together. Whether you are getting together with the love of your life or you have an important business meeting with partners, you’ll find our atmosphere is perfect… primed for intimate, quiet conversations. An inspiring background decor and musical selections that will help you focus on what’s important; the company you are with!

35 Burlington Ave,
Round Lake, NY 12151
Phone: (518) 899-6000


Beach-side Romance

Romance is in the air here at Beach-side. Bring the one you love and you’ll both be swimming with delight as you partake in our excellent entrées and the view.. the wonderful view.

Jamba Mamba Cafe

Dan’s Tavern

Looking for a great tavern?  A selection of over 500 beers and beer battered brats to knock your socks off!

Bob’s Diner

If you’re looking for a great, american style cuisine dining experience look no further. At Bob’s Diner you get…